Nell Zhoie January 30, 2018

Dental patients generally don’t pay much attention to the equipment being used in the office. As long as it’s clean and it works, they concentrate either on the procedure being done or on a distraction from it. However, one thing that can’t be ignored is the X-ray machine. This big, bulky piece of equipment is usually one of the most noticeable things in the room. In fact, only the patients’ chair stands out more.

When patients see the X-ray machine, they don’t need to be dentists to know if it’s modern, dated, or outright vintage. Old machines use film, and it can take a while to get a picture. The next level of development brought about digital imagery, but a person could still be stuck biting a sensor for extended periods. New models, like the 3D FMX images X-ray machine, work much faster and can do far more.

With the latest equipment, dentists can get whole-mouth image capture in just a few seconds. It’s even possible to image the entire skull, which is useful for diagnosing problems with the sinuses, TMJ, and other related body parts. Small X-rays can be taken with the same machine, so it’s useful for everyday office needs as well.

For dentists, there are other benefits as well: Digital images take up only a tiny bit of space, and there is no need to buy film. Both of these factors bring about significant savings, especially in a busy practice. Such a practice often needs to lease extra space just to store physical X-rays, and going digital will eliminate this need. Of course, getting rid of the need for film also cuts overhead.

Needless to say, patients benefit from new technology too. Even those who just want their dental sessions to be overwith are glad for the advancements. That’s because the new machines are faster, easier on patients’ mouths, and lead to better diagnosis and treatment. They’re also safer thanks to the reduction in exposure to X-rays. Patients who worry about radiation can therefore be better reassured.

Because of these benefits to both you and your patients, it’s a good idea to upgrade your imaging equipment to 3D FMX images X-ray machines if you haven’t already. Your patients will be impressed by the modernity and appreciate the faster imaging times, and you’ll love not having to constantly buy film. You’ll also love the ability to store images for years without having to dedicate half of your front office space to files full of physical X-rays.