Nell Zhoie April 13, 2018

After enduring minor injuries after a car accident, most drivers or pedestrians believe they do not need to contact a lawyer. This kind of thinking can be really dangerous and costly. Usually, injuries from car accidents do not show up for weeks or months after the incident.

If it’s because of a negligent driver that you were injured in the accident in the first place, it is highly recommended you consult with a car accident lawyer immediately. Yes, even if you think you are physically and mentally fine.

The following are factors that alert you that you need a lawyer after a car accident.

  • The party at fault has no liability insurance.

If the individual at fault has inadequate liability insurance, or lacks insurance overall, you may face massive issues. The big question here is who will pay for the damages to public and private property. Often, people lacking liability insurance do not have the means to pay you back.

In the event that you file a claim, you may be unable to recover any expenses and damages caused by the auto accident. Your car accident lawyer can help you determine any coverage you need after the accident.

  • Your medical bills have exceeded coverage.

Your car insurance should have personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. This helps cover any incurred medical expenses after the vehicle accident. Your medical bills can either be moderate or extensive. This includes basic check-ups to physical therapy you may be needing in the following months or years. It won’t take long before you exceed any allowable medical limits from your insurance coverage.

A car accident lawyer can help determine your options to recover any expenses that may exceed your coverage. This encompasses both your car and health insurance policies.

  • You need to better understand your options.

An auto accident lawyer helps you understand your options and acquire fair compensation for rehabilitation and medical costs that you may incur in the future. This includes lost wages, car damages and repair fees, medical bills, and overall suffering.

  • You are looking for evidence.

Call your lawyer immediately after an accident because establishing negligence can be demanding and difficult. When liability for the accident is called into question, a necessary investigation will be conducted to prove negligence. Further, your car accident lawyer has will know best where and how to gather evidence to support your case.

  • You have to deal with your insurance company.

Oftentimes, insurance companies are all about their profit. In fact, they may try to acquire reports from you or ask difficult questions and hope that you unintentionally admit liability (partial or full) for the accident. If that happens, it could have a significant impact on your recovery and compensation. When you contact your car accident lawyer, he/she can deal with your insurance company and ensure that you acquire the compensation you are entitled to.

Hire the Right Lawyer Right Away

Don’t be too shaken about hiring a lawyer after a car accident. You need to contact a lawyer immediately, as it is essential if you want to protect your rights to fair compensation. Click here to learn more about car accident lawyers.