Nell Zhoie September 4, 2018

Credit cards are so useful in today’s society!

They have different uses such as when you need to go cashless, when buying stuff online, when you travel abroad, and when you need to pay in installments.

Unfortunately, some people are still wary of using them. They believe that they would only cause them unwanted debt. Although there is some claim over these statements, these cards could really help out in your day-to-day living. In fact, a few (e.g. HSBC Red Mastercard) provide promos for their cardholders.

These promos vary from lifestyle to lifestyle, which is why you should really choose the one that will fit yours. Let’s go ahead and explore the top promotions credit cards for Filipinos.

HSBC Red Mastercard

The HSBC Red Mastercard can be considered a top contender in the contest of promotions credit cards in the country due to the exciting amount of perks it offers to cardholders. Some of them are:

  • 4x Bonus Points when you shop
  • Get air miles from the collected Bonus Points
  • P3000 worth of Ayala Cinema MPass (for those who will apply and have it approved on Sept. 30, 2018; they must spend P5000 before claiming the gift)

You could say that this card is perfect for shoppers.

Citi Credit Card

The Citi Credit Card has a wide selection of promos that you could take advantage of. To give you an example, here are a few:

  • 50% off on Xin Tian Di’s dim sum lunch buffet, set menus, and beverages; 30% off the dim sum dinner buffet during Mon to Fri
  • 50% off on 7 Corners’ lunch buffet; 30% off the dinner buffet; 50% off the beverages
  • 30% off on Tenya Tempura Tendon if you reached a minimum dine-in bill of P1800 during Mon-Fri
  • 30% off on Rackshack if you reached a minimum dine-in bill of P1500
  • 30% off on Racks if you reached a minimum dine-in bill of P2000

This card is certainly perfect for foodies in the country.

RCBC Bankard Classic Card

The RCBC Bankard Classic Card is another contender you need to look out for. Some of its perks include:

  • 12% off on top of the discounted hotel room rates on Agoda
  • Up to 87% discount on AirAsia (after converting your RCBC Bankard Airmiles to AirAsia Big Points)
  • 20% off if you spend a minimum of P1500 at Zalora (code: ZRCBCFEVER)
  • Receive a P500 Petron Value Card for a minimum installment pay later purchase of P35000 at ABENSON

This card is well suited for shoppers and travelers alike.

BDO Blue from American Express

The BDO Blue from American Express is last on this list—but definitely not the least. The perks it boasts of are:

  • 50% monthly effective interest rate
  • A low 0.60% Balance Transfer rate for a flexible term of 3-24 months
  • 1 point = P40 spend on your card
  • 1point = 1 Mile
  • 0% interest rate

These perks can fit anyone and are perfect for those who will be first-time credit card users.


From HSBC Red Mastercard to BDO Blue from American Express, you are sure to find the card that will best suit you and the promos and perks you are looking for!