Nell Zhoie November 25, 2018

Dishwashers are an important part of any kitchen, and this is especially true in a restaurant or diner. Commercial kitchens are unlike domestic ones, because they usually require dishwashers that are larger and more durable, not to mention able to handle a lot more use. The companies that specialise in commercial appliances such as dishwashers usually have various brands available, and one of the most well-known brands is the dishwasher made by Norris. These dishwashers have been around since the mid-1950s, and they come in a variety of sizes and designs to fit everyone’s needs. Whether your restaurant or pub is large or small, you can easily find a commercial dishwasher that meets your needs, and because they start below $2,800, they are very affordable as well as functional.

All Types of Dishwashers are Available

Commercial dishwashers can be tall or wide, and they even make dishwashers that specialise in cleaning only glasses and tumblers. Some of the dishwashers have glass fronts, and they are made to clean dozens of items at one time, saving you both time and money. Their various sizes guarantee that you can easily find something that fits perfectly in your commercial kitchen, and you can also find something that cleans all of your dishes expertly without leaving behind spots or dirt marks. Norris dishwashers are reliable regardless of how busy your kitchen is, so you can load and run the dishwasher, then turn your attention to other things. Their amenities include gravity drains, rinse pumps, recirculating wash systems, and even optional dryer units. If you’re unsure of which dishwasher will work best for your needs, their experts can help you make the right decision, so you are guaranteed to find one that perfectly suits all of your dishwashing needs.

You Deserve the Very Best

To run a commercial kitchen, you need top-notch appliances, such as dishwashers, ovens, and heavy-duty stoves. The stores that provide commercial appliances offer only high-quality brands that are proven to work right, and this includes both Norris and many other brands that commercial chefs and dishwashers love. Most of the appliances come in various colours and include excellent warranties on both the control board and on parts and labour, so you can purchase one with confidence. Best of all, many of these companies offer second-hand machines that are in excellent condition, but which save you a lot of money, making it a lot easier to stay within your budget. Since most of them also have excellent websites, it is easy to get online and view full-colour photographs of many of their products, making it faster and simpler to narrow down your choices.

Finding the right commercial dishwasher is easy if you know where to start, and these companies also offer extra accessories that you may need for your kitchen, including exhaust hoods and stainless-steel trolleys. They make sure that you get what you need and even offer financing assistance, ensuring that you’ll get just what you need without paying a lot of money for it.