Nell Zhoie May 2, 2018

We present five shoe styles that men must stock up on this season.

Shoes are, quite literally, the full stop to the fashion statement that is your daily ensemble. Though many of us underestimate their importance in daily dressing, it cannot be denied that a well-designed pair of shoes can make the vital difference between a classy look and a dowdy one. It’s not just about sporting clean, reasonably new footwear. It’s about wearing the right shoes with whatever clothes you have on, to enhance the appeal of your ensemble.

Men have it slightly tougher than women when it comes to picking out shoes. They can’t wear heeled footwear, and strappy shoes are not an option either. So they must rely on classic styles when they go formal, and contemporary designs for casual settings. This is our list of the must-have men’s shoes this season:

* Moccasins. Every guy going to work knows that the best trick in the fashion book is a well-cut pair of Moccasins. These shoes are elegant to look at and quite versatile, too. You can wear them with jeans and fitted office chinos with equal aplomb. You must invest in at least two pairs of Moccasins, one in brown and the other in black of charcoal grey, so that you can transition from day to night and from formal to party wear in the blink of an eye.

* Mojris: These seem like a surprising choice in a must-have shoes list, but in recent years, mojris have evolved into a fashion accessory like no other. You can pair them not just with a formal kurta-pyjama set, but also with a Western ensemble comprising fitted chinos, a full sleeved shirt with sleeves folded to the elbows, and a sleeveless jacket. It’s a surprising ethnic twist on Western wear, and you will turn heads wherever you go – yes, even the men will take a second look!

* Boots.The great thing about boots is that they immediately lend a slightly rugged, hinting-at-testosterone look to your ensemble. But only if your ensemble comprises a pair of well-fitting denim jeans or slim cargos, and a summer shirt thrown on casually with a chunky digital watch on your wrist. Boots are essentially meant for casual dressing, so don’t take them to work with you. They can have a thin sole or a thick one, but make sure they’re not too chunky looking. You can wear these shoes to a casual dinner date, or a movie night with friends, or a cricket match in the stadium, or for a hike in the woods.

* Sports shoes. The last staple you need in your shoe cabinet is at least one pair of really eye catching sports shoes. Pick from between walking shoes, running shoes, or basic sneakers. Each of these sports shoes serves a specific purpose, so pair them with your clothing accordingly. If you normally walk everywhere, you will need shoes with a sturdy sole and a strong grip. Ditto for running. Meanwhile, a pair of simple sneakers will do if you’re going out on a date, when you’re wearing jeans, or even chinos and a fitted tee.

Leading fashion sites in India have the choicest pick of shoes for men. Based on the guide we’ve provided above, you can get shopping for new shoes and rock your wardrobe this season.