Nell Zhoie June 17, 2018

If you are suffering from problem of numbness in the feet or heels which is coupled with fever then it must be that you are suffering from plantar fasciitis. Sometimes, you may experience pain even when you are not putting any weight on the affected area. Also, if you have tried different home remedies to treat your pain but did not get any relief then you must visit a doctor.

Now question is which type of doctor that you must contact. Some people suggest that one should visit a podiatrist. If you want to learn more details about podiatrist then you can visit the website However, you can visit other specialists too.

  • General practitioners

To start with you may visit any general practitioner for initial treatment for plantar fasciitis. As a matter of fact, this is a very common problem and the general practitioners are quite familiar in treating this problem. In case you need any special treatment then the General practitioner can guide you to the right place where you can obtain special treatment.

  • Sports medicine specialist

This can also be a great option as many people often suffer from plantar fasciitis due to various sports activities like playing football, soccer or also due to running. Such specialists will not only provide you various treatment options but also guide you how you can modify your training so that you can avoid such problems in future.

  • Orthopedic specialist

Orthopedic specialists can provide many valuable suggestions to treat such problem and particularly if your plantar fasciitis is in very serious condition then orthopedic specialist can solve the problems of joints and tissues. Orthopedic specialists spend sufficient time dealing with various foot related problems and therefore they can be considered as specialist in treating such problems.

  • Podiatric specialist or foot doctor

This type of specialists generally deals with the problems related to joints, muscles, tissues and bones of our feet. That is the reason they are also called foot doctor. Most of the general practitioners fail to treat the case then they refer to any Podiatric specialists for further treatment.

While visiting any specialist doctor you must keep in mind that you have to give pre-information to your insurance company before you meet a specialist. Therefore, it is better to start visiting a general practitioner whom you trust.  He can recommend you to the right specialist doctor and thus you will be in good hands. You may also do your own research before visiting a specialist doctor.