Nell Zhoie October 20, 2018

Pets are big responsibility. They are prone to various health issues, just like humans. Most pet owners work hard to supply their animals with the best food and exercise opportunities. You can talk to your veterinarian about the various supplements available. Different breeds may have specific needs. Some dogs are prone to skin problems, heart issues, and cancer. Fish oil is not only good for humans, it can enhance the health of your pet, as well.


Skin issues can be due to many reasons. When the cold weather hits, your dog’s coat may become dry and itchy. Allergy season can also cause your dog to itch nonstop. This can lead to broken skin and infections. Boxers, Pugs, and English Bulldogs are all naturally prone to skin issues. SalPet fish oil for pets can help you keep skin discomfort under control. It can be frustrating to watch your pet itch and feel like you cannot solve the problem. Take the time to find out what is causing the issues. You can get a head start on treatment; however, when you choose fish oil to maintain skin health.


Fish oil is also good for your pet’s heart. Fatty acids are not naturally produced by dogs. They must be added to the diet for them to get what they need. It can be difficult to figure out what is in dog food when you see all of the unnatural ingredients. Heart health is an important part of health care. Some breeds are prone to cardiomyopathy, an inconsistency in the heart. It is often diagnosed early when your veterinarian hears a missing or extra heartbeat. Omega 3 fatty acids can help prevent these problems. This needs to be started as early as possible. Puppies should be give supplements to make sure prevention starts early.

Choosing a Product

There are many products available for your dog. Some people purchase common fish oil capsules for humans. There are many products available for pets only. These are often more accurate with dosing and can be the most efficient. You can also begin to feed your pet fresh fish, especially salmon. Some dog foods are also made with fish. Look for products that are made with wild-caught salmon. Farm raised fish often has more contaminants. Fish from Alaska and Norway is usually the safest.

Your pet can be healthier when you begin to give fish oil on a regular basis. This is the best way to start treating issues naturally. Start your dog on fish oil as soon as you bring it home. When you start young, your dog can benefit from a lifetime of good health. Check into your options and speak with your vet about the best products.