Nell Zhoie April 13, 2018

A company’s potential for success is greatly determined by the strength of the employees. This is a reality that brings pressure on recruiters. When it comes to hiring, it eliminates all candidates but the most qualified applicant.

A job applicant may have all the abilities to perform the tasks flawlessly. However, most business owners or managers often remember that skills can be taught, but an employee’s character are inherent. These features include a person’s attitude, work ethic, adaptability, and willingness to learn.

How will you identify and choose the best employee in a sea of applicants? The key is reaching beyond their resume and focus on their attributes. The following are qualities you should see in your next star employee:

  • Flexibility

The candidate should be willing to learn new skills and perform duties that may be beyond their job descriptions. If they’re willing to diverge from the routine to be able to implement fresh ideas, then they become a driving force of innovation for your company.

  • Motivated and determined

In addition to outstanding work ethics, strong candidates should possess the determination to accomplish tasks with the least guidance. Managers should focus more on moving the company forward instead of micromanaging employees. However, even if it’s crucial for employees to work independently, they must also be capable of cooperating within the team.

  • Perseverance

Recruiters often admire a candidate’s tenacity or willingness to undertake difficult tasks. These types of employees accept challenging tasks through to victory. In fact, research indicates that perseverance expresses success compared to IQ.

  • Passionate

Not every new employee has to be thrilled about your services or products. However, a good candidate should be fervent about the way they ask about the company. Take note of their questions about the business and those beyond the job description they’re applying for.

Also, try asking the classic question, “Why do you want to work here?” This helps you ascertain an applicant’s enthusiasm. Your next star employee should respect the company’s values and wholeheartedly believes in you vision and mission.

  • Takes responsibility

Your next employe should be willing to take responsibilities. In fact, all employees should be able to pull their own weight and of others. During the interview, ask some behavioral questions including “Was there an occurrence when you picked up the slack of another coworker? Tell me about that.”

Job candidates should be able to express that they want to help a company and see what must be done. Further, passionate employees would want to improve any situation and solve a problem by doing a task beyond their description. Likewise, they should be willing to complete a task that wasn’t accomplished by another co-worker.

  • Can multi-task

Employees should be able to perform variety of tasks to ensure the success of their work. Ask an applicant of their past experiences that involved successfully managing multiple tasks at once. Candidates who have previously worked in small business’ are a good bet that they’re capable multi-taskers.


Those are the top qualities you should see in your next star employee. Sometimes, it is good to follow your gut feeling when hiring an employee, especially if they possess all the qualities and the right attitude. If by chance an employee has had an accident on a construction site, check here for more information.