Nell Zhoie April 13, 2018

A vehicle accident can be a very scary event. If you or any passengers are injured, there can be a lot of legal issues to deal with. From the scene of the car accident to calling a car accident lawyer, the following are legal factors of a car accident you should never forget.

  • Critical First Decisions

The first decisions you make after a car accident can either make things better or worse. Don’t forget to do the following actions upon an accident.

  • Ensure safety: First of all, you must ensure your safety and that of your passengers.
  • Call 911: After making sure you and others are safe, call local authorities and medical emergency help.
  • Document the scene: While waiting for help to arrive, take pictures of the scene if you’re able to. Include photos of the cars involved, license plates, damages, injuries, traffic light, weather condition, and everything else that can serve as evidence.
  • Don’t forget to file a police report: Even if you think that it’s just a minor accident, the other party may change their mind. This will leave you on the hook for liability and damages. Also, get the name and information of the police.
  • Exchange information: Gather all necessary information from other parties involved such as their names, contact numbers, and insurance information.
  • Look for witnesses: Check if there are any witnesses during the scene. Get their personal information and ask if they’re willing to make a statement.
  • Don’t avoid making a police report: No matter how minor you think your accident is, the other driver may change their mind later, which could you leave you on the hook for damages. Once the police is done making the report at the scene, make sure to acquire a copy of the file.
  • Gather all information you got from the scene

After leaving the scene and taking the first critical steps, gather all information you have from the scene and file them together. Did you note the model of the vehicles involved? Do you have the other parties’ personal information? Do you have witnesses and are they willing to make a statement in your case?  Witnesses are crucial because they’re not always included in the police report.

  • Seek Medical Attention

Following the car accident, make sure to get medical attention for any personal injuries. Even if you think you have no injuries, your injuries could be internal and worse. Some insurance companies may try using that against you to avoid giving your benefits.

  • Call a Car Accident Lawyer

Speak with your attorney before speaking with the insurance company. A car accident lawyer can help navigate your medical claims and questionable methods of insurance. He/she can remind you of your rights and help you throughout your case.

  • Dealing with your insurance

Make sure not to delay giving accident reports to the insurance company. Most insurance companies have specific deadlines or timeline when you can report a car accident. Otherwise, your claims are worth nothing. Don’t always believe when an insurance company says they’re only looking out for you. They may not really be that concerned of your financial and physical welfare because they’re all their profit.


A serious vehicle accident can change your life. Don’t forget the legal factors of a car accident, especially getting information at the scene, and consulting with a car accident lawyer. Call or email Abels & Annes, P.C. – Chicago in the event of a car accident. They can help protect you and your family.