Nell Zhoie June 5, 2018

They say health is wealth. While one can plan about known situations, you never know what may arise as an emergency in terms of health. If you are confused about the best health insurance available for your family – then Religare Health Insurance brings to you the most cost- effective health insurance plans.

Religare health insurance has a well-known set of benefits that make it the number one health insurance company. It is an obvious choice when it comes to securing your family. The following set of features makes it stand out in the long list of health insurance companies:

  1. It has a legacy in health care services

Their promoters are also the founders of Fortis hospitals, SRL Diagnostics and Religare Wellness – India’s leading wellness and pharmacy retailers. They have an experience of over a decade and they are the best at what they do. This is justified by the fact that several leading magazines have reported Religare Health Insurance to be the number 1 health insurance company.

  1. It has a wide network of hospitals that are available 24 x 7 to look after the welfare of your family at your ease

They have the option that helps their customers obtain quality treatment at more than 5420+ leading hospitals across the country. These include institutions like Fortis Hospitals, SRL Diagnostics, Religare Wellness and a chain of other hospitals available all across the country in each district that they serve. Their primary aim is serving the nation and its citizens by providing them with world-class healthcare services.

  1. Each and every matter whether big or small lies only between you and them

If you want to file a claim, they will handle it personally. The best thing about their service is the transparency that they provide. There is no 3rd party involved in between the matters of you and Religare Health Insurance Company. Their processes leave no room for chance. It is when you need them the most that you will find them right beside you walking shoulder to shoulder shall you face any issues or hassles regarding the process of claiming Religare Health Insurance. 

  1. It Has the best products

Their products have been designed keeping only one aspect in their mind – The convenience of the customer. They give you the option to avail health care facilities anywhere in the world. Their annual health check-up program ensures that you sustain good health. It is a well-known mantra and Religare Health Insurance believes in it – “Health is Wealth”.

Best time to buy Insurance

Well, while there is no defined time or age to invest into an insurance, but it is always recommended to grab your hands on the best insurance as soon as you feel the need to do so. In fact, experts suggest that the best time to buy insurance is during your 30s.

Rules you need to follow to get a health insurance

There are various things you need to know before you buy a health insurance for your family:

  • Claim Process
  • Waiting Period
  • Family or Individual Health Insurance
  • Selecting the right insurance amount
  • Network of Hospitals that are covered
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Pre or post hospitalization
  • Cumulative bonus
  • Lifetime Renewal
  • Free Medical Check-up

What are the Key Features of Religare Health Insurance Company- 

  • There is a Wide range of Sum Insured that is up to Rs. 6 crore with life-long renewability.
  • At no extra cost, get automatic recharge of sum insured if claim amount exhausts your coverage
  • They have increased the sum insured up to 150% along with No Claim Bonus
  • They have annual health check-up for insured members- regardless of claims history.
  • They have no pre-policy medical check-up for sum insured less than Rs. 25 lacs, till 50 years of age.
  • Their facilities include cashless & hassle-free direct claim settlement at 5420+ Hospitals

Core Values of Religare Health Insurance Company

Respect: They treat all their stakeholders the way we want to be treated, with consideration and respect. Respect is foremost when it comes to the service that is provided by Religare Health Insurance Company.

Trust: They build long-term relationship with employees, customers and distributors honoring their commitments. They know the value of trust and can go miles to serve the trust of a customer.

Customer Excellence: They offer finest products and services to the customers by being refreshingly different and innovative. The customer gets home fully satisfied and is so impressed by the quality of service that he recommends them to all his friends, family and acquaintances.

So wait no more, select the best Religare health insurance plan on