Nell Zhoie April 10, 2018

Cleansing oil is one of the most common cosmetic products used by women all over the world. There are various brands out there that sell cleansing oils. However, only a handful keeps the interests of their customers in mind. While cleansing oil from some companies might contain harmful ingredients that can result in permanent damage to skin, some avoid these ingredients and use completely natural ingredients instead. It is essential for women to search the market properly and try a few brands until they settle for the one that suits them the best and does not contain harmful ingredients.

The damage that can be caused by bad cleansing oil

It has been mentioned that harmful ingredients can cause skin damage. There is one particular ingredient in cleansing oils that cause more harm than the others. It is alcohol.

The prime job of facial cleansing oil is to remove dirt and make-up from the face leaving the natural lipid intact; it is also used in moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. If alcohol is used as one of the ingredients of cleansing oil, then it can penetrate the skin on a deeper level but it damages skin cells irreversibly. In exchange for an instant result, it will cost you permanent damage. Some companies like COUI do not use alcohol and other harmful ingredients in their cleansing oils. Instead, they use a natural ingredient that does the job beautifully but does not inflict damage.

Hence, you must be using alcohol-free cleansing oils like COUI toners for the best results in the long run.

Methods to follow for the best results

Cleansing oils are not usually used to remove dirt, make-up from face — for that particular purpose, skin toners are used. However, with COUI cleansing oils you can purge your facial skin from dirt, unnatural oils and cosmetics to leave your skin with only the natural lipid. The all natural oils used as ingredients for this oil will restore balance in your skin.

You should apply it evenly with a cotton ball. Gentle massaging with this oil will do the charm.

Uses in washing off your face

When it comes to washing faces, face washes are widely used around the globe. It is unorthodox to use cleansing oil as a replacement for face washes. But COUI cleansing oils are perfect in washing off faces without any trouble even with oily skin, they can work wonders without working against the natural processes of the body.