Nell Zhoie August 25, 2018

Like most students studying in the United States (美国留学), I just wanted to use the OPT to work in the United States after I graduated. After I received lots of rejections, I start to sum up some experiences for future students to prepare for a job hunting in the US (美国找工作):

  1. The first thing you need is a resume.

The resume is divided into three parts: one is academic qualifications, the other is work and internship experience, and it is also the most important part. The third is other, such as your language, computer, and so on. Work experience must be written the most, because this is the most valued American. Work experience is a must for Americans to feel that you are better than their students, so work experience is especially important for us.

2.      The second thing is that cover letter  Cover Letter is a description that can bring you a chance. Cover letter can have different formats, but be sure to have a recipient (who you are writing to), if the letter only writes dear sir/madam, then 90% Maybe your cover letter will be thrown away directly. In terms of content, you must fully show you to HR under the premise of the job description and requirements. Through three aspects: First, why are you interested? The most important thing for Americans is your interest and background, so you don’t let the interviewer believe You want to get a job, you can’t get a job. Second, why do you think you are qualified for this job? Third, why should the company choose you? Of course, some companies only require RESUME, but this does not mean that it is not important. 3.      Location choices First, the New York area, the birthplace of the United States, where several major cities (New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Hartford, New Jersey, Washington, DC, etc.) are located. Imagine why Chinese people want to go to Beijing and Shanghai to go to college. The same is true. Followed by California. Of course, the specific geographical location can be divided according to your profession and the location of the school. After all, American companies recruit people to pay attention to the principle of proximity. 4.      Other sites monster, Indeed, Linkedin, yahoo! These sites are all in the US, so you can have a variety of advanced lookups.