Nell Zhoie February 7, 2018

From the year 2012, the grading system in BSE Telangana has evolved for the better. The marks obtained by students in the examinations are converted into grades, and a cumulative grade is allotted to the student. For most of the students, the grading system doesn’t matter. But we would like you to know about the grading system because your local rank is calculated on the basis of your grades.

Since the grades are allotted to the students according to the marks obtained in a prescribed bracket, it is difficult to calculate the exact local rank. Here, we have outlined the detailed procedure of calculating the grades, grade points, and cumulative grade point average (CGPA).

In high school examination conducted by BSE Telangana, the grading system according to the total score obtained by the student looks like:

Grades Total Score
A1 550-600
A2 499-549
B1 448-498
B2 397-447
C1 346-396
C2 295-345
D1 245-294
D2 195-244
E 194 and below

There are certain abbreviations used in the exam in addition to these grades:

  • WH – Result Withheld for want of information
  • MP – Malpractice
  • CP – Compartmentally Passed
  • AB – Absent for all papers

Now, if we talk about individual subjects, the grades are allotted according to the marks obtained from the total marks allotted to the subject. Again this differs from subject to subject. If we talk about First and Third Languages (Let’s take Telugu and English respectively), the grading slightly differs from that in Second Language (Let’s suppose Hindi).

Further, the grading bracket for non-language subjects (Mathematics, General Science, and Social Science) is kept same as in First and Third language. For physically handicapped students, all languages are gradable according to the Second Language scoring bracket.

Have a look at the following table for better understanding:

First and Third Language,

Non-Language Subjects

Second Language

Marks for PH candidates

Grades Grade Points
91-100 90-100 A1 10
81-90 79-89 A2 9
71-80 68-78 B1 8
61-70 57-67 B2 7
51-60 46-56 C1 6
41-50 35-45 C2 5
35-40 20-34 D 4
Below 35 Below 20 E

The aforementioned grades were for subjects. Now, look at the grades allotted in the field of co-curricular activities:

Marks Range Grade Grade Points
85-100 A+ 5
71-84 A 4
56-70 B 3
41-55 C 2
0-40 D 1

While calculating the CGPA, the grades obtained in co-curricular activities are not included. Thus, grade obtained in any particular activity is the only proof of the performance of the candidate.

Now suppose a student appeared for BSE Telangana high school examinations. The CGPA can be calculated by the procedure mentioned below. However, the exact local rank cannot be calculated according to this procedure of calculating CGPA.

Subject Marks Grade Grade Points
First Language – Telugu 75 B1 8
Second Language – Hindi 76 B1 8
Third Language – English 67 B2 7
Mathematics 90 A2 9
General Science 85 A2 9
Social Studies 71 B1 8

CGPA is calculated by the following formula:

CGPA = (8+8+7+9+9+8)/6 = 8.17

This is the CGPA obtained by a student in BSE Telangana high school examination. According to this figure, it is difficult to calculate the local rank but you can rank students on the basis of obtained CGPA.