Nell Zhoie June 13, 2018

Our everyday lives in the urban professional and social spheres, require us to be on our feet almost every moment of the day. We are always trying to outdo ourselves, pushing ourselves to all possible extents trying to be successful at what we do. In lifestyles as rapid as such, we often forget to take out a minute to relax and distress. Men on a daily basis, have to exert themselves mentally and physically, which naturally strains their body and mind. Massage therapies in such a situation helps to soothe sore muscles, facilitate their smooth and efficient functioning and unwind yourself. Massages are known to provide you with a nice balance of mental and physical rest while reducing the cortisol level of your body that help relieve your stress. Getting a massage is widely considered to be the decadent thing to do, but there is a wide range of health benefits that a man can derive out of indulging in massage in Pune. For example, it can re adjust one’s posture and help with blood circulation. In fact, researchers highlight pain reduction (alongside anxiety relief) as a consistently positive outcome of massage therapies.

I had a long history of medical problems concerned with my back. In fact it had gotten to the point where I could barely get out of bed. I had undergone several surgeries in the past although none of them were permanent cures for my issues. Then one day, a friend of mine suggested massage therapy. He said that it was medically proven that massage therapy was a viable solution for all my problems. At that point I had tried so many solutions already, I figured why not try another one since I could see no downside to it. He gave me the reference of UrbanClap and told me that I could hire a trained massage therapist who would come to my house for the session. I booked a massage session and the therapist arrived promptly at my doorstep.

 I invited him in and he was very courteous and polite and told me that he guarantees he could solve my problems. I was a little sceptical since it was my first time doing this sort of therapy and I was not sure how it would work. However, he helped me by explaining to me in detail the benefits of this kind of therapy and the long term effects which made me feel more comfortable and less awkward. He then gave me a robe to change into and told me he would set up his equipment in the meantime. I came back to find that he had set up the soothing music and scented candles to make the experience more immersive and relaxing. He started the massage and made sure to keep asking me whether the pressure was fine and if the temperature of the oils was perfect. This entre experience put me into a relaxed state that I had never felt before.

The pain in my back for once felt like it was getting better. After the massage was done, he told me that I should keep getting these sessions done regularly and my problems would be solved in no time. He also told me that I might get a therapist each time but each of them would be as good as the next. His confidence assured me that I would actually get better soon and I would definitely recommend massage therapy in Pune to everyone who is facing the same issues as me. With UrbanClap you can take one step closer towards living a healthy, longer and more comfortable life.