Nell Zhoie April 30, 2018

I don’t really know how common this is for stoners around the world, but Lord knows I smoked out of my fair share of aluminum cans in high school. It makes me shake my head in shame thinking back on it, but sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Certainly I could have purchased one of many cheap glass pipes at the variety store near my school, but the trouble is you don’t necessarily want to walk around in school with a pipe all day. Especially when you only have a quick 15 minutes for recess, there’s no time to roll a joint and no time to find a pipe to borrow. So how do you toke up with your buds in the woods before third period? You purchase a can of iced tea, chug it between two or three guys, then rinse it out. Now, to create the pipe. To be clear, this is the cheapest of cheap ways to get high and should only be considered as an emergency and last resort action when there’s no other way and you’re desperate for whatever reason.

To make yourself the pipe out of your can, you want to slightly flatten out one side of the can so that it’s slightly concave, but don’t go crazy with this. It’s just so your weed will stay put without you having to create yourself a bowl. If you’ve got the time and supplies to stick a bowl in the can, that would be ideal but we’ll keep it very barebones for the sake of this article. Now that you have a slight indent in your can, you need to use a pen, needle, scissors, etc. to punch some very small holes into the can. These holes should be punched into the center of the indent you made, and should only cover about a centimeter wide space. Make sure the holes you punch in are too small for ground up herb to fall through. Your pipe is now complete! Just carefully place a pinch of weed on top of the holes you punched in, and light away while inhaling from the hole which you’d normally drink from. It’s worth mentioning you should probably keep your lighter a healthy distance from the can itself and slowly pull the flame so that it really just burns your weed. Trust me, you do not want to know what it tastes like when you start burning up the dyes on the aluminum. I repeat, this is kind of disgusting, and will likely be looked down on by any bystanders, so code red emergencies for this one only.