Nell Zhoie July 14, 2018

Cookers are a great value alternative to getting an oven and hob separately. But, because cookers are not made equal, you have to consider many factors before making a choice. These factors include the following:

Kitchen Space and Cooker Configuration

Your choice of cooker should be based on the available space your kitchen has for it and the configuration you desire in a cooker. Pick between a range kind of cooker and a freestanding cooker.  Range cookers tend to have a generous size and capacity. This has to do with their extra width that allows the hob to feature various heating zones rather than the standard ones. Meanwhile, freestanding cookers let you combine different kinds of hobs and ovens to offer more flexibility.

The Fuel that Cooker Uses

Your choice of fuel should depend on the heat source available. If you have the luxury of all sources, then you can have both gas and electric cookers. Cuisinières au gaz allow you to control heat precisely. You will want gas cookers for a powerful heat. Electric cookers can be maintained and cleaned easily and can have smart features. If you are a frequent baker, you might want to take advantage of their even heat distribution. Cookers with dual fuel promise the benefits of both cookers.

Capacity of the Cooker

If you have a big family or want to cook for lots of friends, you want to buy a cooker with a greater capacity which is measured in liters. A lot of cookers are designed with a double oven, which lets you grill and cook at the same time. If you prefer this kind of oven, make sure to compare their biggest compartments. For more cooking capacity, go for a cooker with additional oven shelf positions.

Energy Efficiency

No matter how much you want to enjoy the luxury of owning an oven, the appliance’s energy efficiency is still a factor you want to consider. You want to ensure you don’t get monthly surprises on your bills and help protect the environment. Choose a cooker that has a good energy rating.

Ease in Cleaning

You want to choose a cooker that helps you save time on cleaning and doesn’t require the use of certain chemicals. Find a cooker that has a catalytic coating. This ensures that grease and food residue in your oven will be oxidized when heated to a certain temperature. Nothing can be better than just wiping away the ash.