Nell Zhoie August 18, 2018

A separation, for whatever reason, may cause enormous pain. So it is understood that you have every right to sit on the couch for a few days with a family ice cream and feeling enormous sadness. But after a few days you have to look ahead and continue your life properly. Follow the steps below to get out of this bad situation quickly.

– Realize that it is a process that will take time.

The end of a relationship is a major change in a person’s life and follows a period of mourning. You will not wake up after 3 days for example and everything will be fine. No fixed time. You will begin to feel a little better day by day.

– You will feel angry but do not be constantly in the darkness and misery.

You are most likely to want to post a hateful Facebook message about your ex, but it is good to look superior and not do it. Once anger has passed, you will not regret anything.

– Remember that your friends want to see you happy

Your friends, of course, have every good intention when they start to call your ex, they do not understand that this does not help at all. But do not be frightened because it does not help. Just ignore them.

– Leave the past where it belongs, in the past.

Do not sit and listen to your favorite songs over and over. It will not help, but it will work completely contrary and you will sink into sorrow. Choose a new song and make your own anthem.

– Stop thinking that you should, would like or could have done something different.

You cannot go back in time and change the things you said or did, so do not torment yourself considering every detail of each discussion by analyzing possible outcomes if you had said something different or behaved in a different way. All you can define now is the future so focus on it.

 Consider that this relationship was a gift.

Every relationship we involve teaches us something for ourselves and makes us better for the next. Think how much you learned, how much you changed, and feel gratitude for this experience. It was another step towards the love you really deserve.

– Get up and move.

Walk, exercise, dance and do whatever activity makes you feel better. By moving help your body to eliminate some of the bad feelings that otherwise can become toxic to your body. Freeze the Toxicity! You can also go for a trip somewhere you have never been before and have the time of your life. You can choose to go to Indonesia and spend unforgettable nights at the Ayana Rock Bar with your best friend.

– Avoid getting involved in another relationship.

A forced relationship after separation never ends well. The moment you still mourn for a loss you are not able to get to know someone new. Most likely, you’re just trying to replace what’s missing. Take the time you need before you are really ready to start a new relationship.

– Focus on loving yourself more.

Give yourself what it takes to feel happy. Go out with your friends, go for a walk, write in your diary, dice, watch a comedy, think about your future and generally focus on you.

-Let this relationship end

This is definitely the hardest thing to do but it’s also the best. It may sound difficult, but if you love someone, you leave him. Often separations are temporary. But this can only work if you are really free.

 When you get the chance for a new love or a reconnection you will be ready to create something magical!