Nell Zhoie January 30, 2018

When seeking out the best apartments near Frisco, you often look for a specific type of flooring, the number of available bedrooms, and places that offer certain amenities. Storage space can often come last on the list of things to take into consideration when selecting a place to rent. Once you are inside the apartment, you have to figure out how to make all of your possessions fit while still leaving enough room to actually live there. Here are five tips you can use to get organized so you have enough space for yourself and your things.

Use Empty Space Above Doorways

Doorways in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens may have a foot or more of empty space above the opening. This space can be used to store all types of things such as books, hats, extra china, glasses and knickknacks. A simply hanging shelf can keep your small objects organized as well as incorporate them into the interior design of your space.

Multifunctional Furniture Cuts Down on Owning Bulky Items

To increase space, many people are decreasing the number of furniture pieces that they own. Instead, they are investing in multifunctional furniture. A sofa that turns into a daybed gives guests a space to sleep when staying over for the holidays, while some custom Murphy beds have the ability to turn into desks as people can turn guest rooms into home office spaces.

Turn Hidden Places into Storage Spaces

There are tons of nooks and crannies in the apartment that offer space to store items. Side tables, coffee tables and end tables that don’t have shelves below the table’s surface can be perfect places to store magazines, toys, DVDs, CDs and other items in small baskets that fit underneath. Also, don’t overlook under-the-bed spaces. You can store seasonal clothing, extra sheets and blankets in short plastic storage containers that fit underneath.

Use Hanging Caddies in Bathrooms

Bathrooms are normally the smallest room you will have in your apartment. Yet you can still organize the space without cluttering the counter or the floor. Hanging shower caddies can hold soap, shampoo, conditioner and other items to get you clean in the shower stall. On the back of the bathroom door, place up hanging wire racks that can hold toiletries and other personal hygiene products.

Declutter Before the Move

Even when finding the best apartments in Frisco that have large closets and storage spaces, there comes a time when you may collect too many items that you simply don’t use. Unfortunately, these items seem to migrate to every new apartment you lease. You may have reached a time where you just have to do a major clean out. If you have leased a different apartment four or more times and never used certain possessions in any of the rental spaces, it may be time to get rid of the items.

Keeping an apartment organized can make your space look spacious and inviting throughout your lease term. Check out the following 5 organizational tips to get the clutter under control and to have more storage solutions at your disposal.