Nell Zhoie January 4, 2019

Wooden gates remain a popular option when it comes to gates. They offer natural beauty and other benefits that make them worth the investment. Whether you are looking to install a new front garden entrance, a driveway gate, or a side entrance, wood offers numerous benefits.


Wood has a relatively low entry price compared to other top options for gates; it is less expensive if you are looking to have a fully enclosed gate on a budget.


Wood remains a popular material for construction. Some people think it is weak, but this traditional material was used as shields during early ages. It is durable and resistant to damage as long as you do some protective maintenance. When properly maintained, wood can last for years which is why it has been used for construction. Today, modern wood preservatives make it stronger and enhance its natural strength. Problems such as termites and rot can be addressed with proper attention and appropriate choice of timber.


Wood is a traditional material that grows more beautiful with time. It is a popular, classic material that ages uniquely unlike metal or plastic. Some people are afraid to use wood because it is high maintenance, but its versatility makes it worth the investment. It is naturally pleasing to the eye and is available in a range of colours and textures. If ever you grow tired of the look of your wooden gate, you can simply have it repainted or restained for a fresh new look.


Wood is better for the environment compared to metal and plastic. It helps tackle climate change when sourced properly. It reduces carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere because it is able to store carbon and has significantly lower energy embodied than steel and concrete. Wood that is sourced responsibly is renewable because it is naturally grown. Its production also uses less energy than most other materials. Wood products are able to store carbon in a unique way throughout their life. Using it for construction reduces the amount of carbon in the air.


Wood is a versatile material with a variety of applications. You can use it for your front gate, driveway gate, side gate and more. It is light and highly workable, making it suitable for structural and aesthetic purposes. It also offers numerous finishes if you want to change its look; you can choose between painting or staining it.

Ease of repair

Wood gates are easier to repair than other materials and the materials needed to fix damaged timber are cheaper as well. If you have basic carpentry skills, you can do the repairs on your own without the need to call a professional.

Wood is a natural, cost-effective material for gates. It will deteriorate over time, but if looked after properly through regular maintenance, it can last a long time. You can even select wooden gates from an online supplier by checking out their website. Gates from quality suppliers are treated against damages to ensure they are worthwhile investments. To keep your wood gate looking good, you also need to invest time to maintain its look.